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London – Since he had to wear a mouth mask for six hours a day in the school day, my son has something he rarely had before: a naughty nose. One of his classmates at Lee Academy had a headache. The English teacher has another problem: maintaining order. Students disturb his lessons with funny voices, knowing that the teacher cannot see who is the underworld. It’s raining complaints at UsForThem’s parent organization.

From the beginning of March, English children will return to school after less than two months of education. Education unions were not satisfied with this appeal, but eventually reluctantly agreed when the Johnson administration ordered high school students to be hidden for the day. There is no scientific basis for this scale. It was a political decision.

It’s official advice, but it’s not a school that you dare ignore. The application is strict, although children are tested twice a week. I gave my fellow son one hour ‘detention’, Relic is also called here, because he briefly took off his hat while math. General practitioners have been instructed by the government not to grant exemptions if parents request it, even if children have respiratory complaints.

Surprisingly, the procedure was still valid. British scientists said there is no longer a pandemic on the island. Two thirds of Brits live in an environment where the virus has virtually disappeared. Most of the teachers have now been vaccinated, while the children rarely suffer from the infection.

In response to questions from UsForThem, the government has now acknowledged that no attention has been paid to the negative effects on students’ physical and mental health. This analysis was also omitted when schools were closed, causing educational damage. Government counselor and epidemiologist John Edmunds believes students should continue to wear mouth masks until they are vaccinated.

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It looks like the commitment to wearing will definitely continue until the summer break, despite Boris Johnson promising that everything will return to normal on June 21. The prime minister himself has other things on his mind, such as finding funds to purchase the background of his official residence and the municipal elections. While campaigning, he photographed himself last week with three students. Johnson’s smile was visible. These are children.

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