British rapper Maxi Jazz (Faithless) has died

British rapper Maxi Jazz (Faithless) has died


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British rapper Maxi Jazz has died at the age of 65. He became known as the frontman of the dance group Faithless, who had hits in the 1990s with, among others God DJ And the insomnia.

He passed away peacefully last night in his sleep, his old bandmates reported on social media.

Born Maxwell Fraser, Maxi Jazz announced at the end of March that he had health problems. “They affected my ability to perform,” he wrote on his social media. Then he also canceled some shows, including in Tilburg.

Faithless broke through in 1995 with the single salva mi And achieved great success in the following years with a mixture of
Including trip hop, club and trance, featuring a darker maxi-jazz sound. Three songs from the band’s numbers are on NPO Radio 2 Top 2000, which starts tomorrow: insomniaAnd the God DJ And the We bring 1.

The group was also one of the headliners at several major festivals in Europe, including Pinkpop.

“I think a lot of fans are devastated,” says Fernando Hallmann, music expert and radio DJ at NPO FunX. “Faithless and Maxi Jazz are legendary, his voice resonated with everything, caught you, caught you. His music will be timeless.”

Fans share this sentiment on social media. Many people on Twitter write that Maxi Jazz has been an integral part of their musical development. Hallman: “We will certainly miss him. Great lyricist and great man, rest in peace.”

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