British postal company wants to deliver parcels to Scilly Islands with autonomous drone – image and sound – news

100 kilograms is still a very large number, so is it also a decent drone, I think?

It seems to me too, especially when they have to fly through bad weather. But a small cargo plane or helicopter works well of course, and the boundary between a “drone” and a “plane” is completely artificial. Since the small drone says it can land vertically, I guess the big drone can’t. This feels like a conventional plane with a good autopilot.

But is that really cheaper than sending a boat and then plugging it in? The more a drone flies, the less profitable it becomes for me?

Such a boat should have a captain (unless we’re talking about drone boats again), and if you want to receive mail every day of the week you still need at least three due to holidays and illness.
But would such an island get enough postage to fill an entire boat? The captain’s paycheck continues anyway and the diesel boat also uses if it has only one birthday card.
This drone will also have a supervisor / pilot, but it could be centrally located in a cozy office and operate different drones depending on where required.
This drone also looks a lot faster to me which is cool in and of itself, but you also have to pay the pilot fewer hours than if you were to send a separate mail boat.

It’s of course just an experiment, so it might not be profitable here at all.

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