British newspaper apologizes after Prince Philip's now racist jokes are overlooked

British newspaper apologizes after Prince Philip’s now racist jokes are overlooked

British newspaper Sunday The Times apologized after an article about Prince Philip’s funeral. The article wrote that he insulted people with jokes about “cleft eyes”, but people secretly enjoyed them.

The newspaper was criticized for “underestimating racism” and so it said sorry, write Watchman Tuesday.

Reporter Christina Lamb was on behalf of Saturday Sunday times Present at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth’s husband. Philip described in her article as “an eccentric person who has often insulted people with terrible mistakes about cleft eyes, although we did enjoy them in secret.”

She was referring to a visit by the prince to China in 1986. There he caused an uproar with racist jokes against British students who were studying Mandarin at a university there.

The petition produces thousands of signatures

In response to the article, a group of Asian journalists wrote an open letter demanding its withdrawal. An online companion petition yielded 17,000 signatures.

Emma Tucker, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, told British media that she had apologized. The so-called ‘mistake’ of Prince Philip was a famous aspect of his life story. The Sunday Times did not want to overlook him. Saturday night we saw that the verdict was offensive and we canceled it. Digital editions. ”

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