British media: Several candidates are running for prime minister |  Abroad

British media: Several candidates are running for prime minister | Abroad

Shapps tells the Sunday Times he wants to focus on economic recovery. For example, he wants to tackle the effects of inflation and the energy crisis by cutting taxes on low incomes and offering state aid to energy-intensive businesses. In any case, Shapps will not call a new national election if he is elected by his party.

Sky News wrote that Al-Zahawi will officially run on Monday, but it cites a letter from Al-Zahawi referring to the candidacy. “The tax burden is very high. As a businessman and entrepreneur, I know that lower taxes contribute to a healthy and dynamic economy. Under my supervision, taxes will be lower for individuals, families and businesses.”

Hunt and Javid have also indicated in separate interviews with The Telegraph that they want to cut taxes. Truss will publish “classic conservative principles,” according to the Mail on Sunday.

The Independent reported on Saturday that Zahawi, who was appointed finance minister this week after Rishi Sunak stepped down, is under investigation by Britain’s tax authorities, an agency of his own administration. At the same time, the newspaper wrote that Al-Zahawi is not suspected of anything.

Because Johnson has resigned as Conservative Party leader, the party must search for a new leader. He automatically becomes the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. According to British media, the new party leader will be elected in September.

With the new (upcoming) candidates, there are now nine candidates for prime minister. Resigning Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Friday that he is also running. British newspapers question Sunak’s quick campaign. He is said to have registered his campaign website in December.

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Others who have confirmed they will run for leadership include Tom Tugendhat, Soyla Braverman and Kimi Badenoch. One of the candidates, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, said on Saturday that he did not want to become prime minister. He wants to focus on his current job. Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab is also not running for elections.

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