British Isles braces for Storm Barra

British Isles braces for Storm Barra

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The UK and Ireland can prepare for the second storm of this meteorological winter. Storm Barra is active in the British Isles from Tuesday, bringing plenty of wind and snow with it as well.

According to, Storm Bara is heavier than Storm Arwen, which hit the UK earlier. Southern Ireland is likely to be hardest hit. The southwest coast of Ireland will experience a severe storm with wind force 11. Gusts of winds can reach speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour on Tuesday afternoon and evening. The Irish Meteorological Service has issued a code red for the area.

In the UK, code yellow is applied almost everywhere on Tuesday. There is also a snowfall warning in place for northern Scotland. The south coast of England will have to deal with wind force 9 pm on Tuesday and at night through Wednesday with gusts of between 110 and 120 kph. Scotland will face a storm from the east on Wednesday. Combined with snow, this can also lead to a blizzard, according to, especially in the higher parts of Scotland.

The British had to deal with the first storm of the season, Irwin, over a week ago. British media reported that the storm had already killed at least three people. Thousands of people are still without electricity as a result of the storm.

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