British 'Cat Killer' (54) finally caught: A mysterious attack wave resolved | موجة  abroad

British ‘Cat Killer’ (54) finally caught: A mysterious attack wave resolved | موجة abroad

For several months, the cats died under mysterious circumstances in Brighton, England. Advice to the police led to the 54-year-old. CCTV footage showing a cat named Hendrix being attacked also helped capture the man. Work as a security guard in a mall.

It is believed that he stabbed and left 16 cats in the street. Nine cats did not survive the attack. The bouquet usually strikes at night, leaving few traces. According to the Daily Mail, photos of murdered four-legged friends were found on the suspect’s phone. A bloodied knife was also found in his kitchen. He may now face imprisonment.

The man’s phone records show that he was always near where the address cats were found. The wave of pet assaults occurred mainly in 2018 and 2019 and left owners dazed. “Just thinking about stabbing a knife into your beloved pet is serious business,” the judge said. “There must be consequences for that.”

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