Britain's new prime minister, Truss, has already come under fire for his economic plans

Britain’s new prime minister, Truss, has already come under fire for his economic plans

Less than a month ago, Liz Truss was elected British Prime Minister. but according to Watchman The deputies were already preparing for an uprising against it.

British Finance Minister Kwasi Quarting recently introduced a new package of measures to keep the economy afloat. The plans mean billions in tax cuts in Britain. But according to critics, it is the wealthy who mainly benefit from this.

The most controversial measure is the plan to abolish the top tax bracket. This means that even the wealthiest Britons from now on will have to pay a maximum of 40% instead of 45% income tax on their income over £150,000 (about €170,000).

Truss is convinced that a flow economy is the answer. The idea behind it? More money for the rich and corporations means more money for the entire economy.

Truss postpones vote due to criticism

The new plans not only led to great turmoil in the financial markets of Great Britain. The Left Opposition strongly opposes the plan, as the measure would reinforce economic inequality. The International Monetary Fund also expressed harsh criticism of it.

Not only from the left, but also from her party, Truss receives a lot of criticism. For example, some Conservative MPs are said to be preparing for an uprising. Looking at the 2024 election, they believe Truss’ economic plans are not good for the Conservative Party’s image.

Truss previously told BBC She stands by her plans. She admitted in the interview that she could have given a better explanation in advance.

However, the British Prime Minister plans to postpone the vote on economic plans. This is what a minister from her government wears Sky News I teach them.

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