Brigitte Kandorp thanked Last One Laughter for sharing

One show the comedian said no to is the all-new Amazon Prime Another one laughs. In this one, eight comedians are put together in a room for six hours and challenged not to laugh at each other’s jokes. Brigitte was approached by the makers of this show for the second season, but she refused. “I’m always a little afraid of the TV. I prefer a big tent with people in front of me. Then I feel completely comfortable. But like this camera that records everything? Once and then you have to come up with something new.”

Although she prefers to avoid all television appearances, she occasionally makes an exception. This is how Brigitte appears on the show this week Van Duin’s in the back seat. “Well, you can’t refuse Andre van Duyn, of course. But I think everything is terrible. I don’t want that at all, really no!”

The comedian explains that celebrities don’t always want to be in the spotlight. “It’s not the case at all. We’re just very scared mice sitting in a hole in the house, but just happen to be able to do something. I feel like a fish in water on stage.”

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