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Bridget Masland feels her now broken relationship with Andre Hazys was treated in “English tabloid-like ways” at the time. She said this tonight in a frank conversation with Beau van Erwen Dorens Bo Island. “Someone from every corner has something to say about it. Everyone knows that, whether you’re a lawyer or you work in health care.”

The 48-year-old Maasland traveled to Sardinia in Italy to spend a few days with presenter Beau van Erven Dorens and artist Joseph Klibansky. The trio discussed everything with each other, but Van Erven Dorens also eloped with his guests for some individual time. For example, he had a conversation with Maasland about the now broken relationship with André Hazes.

Van Erven Dorens admitted that a year ago he had the feeling that Maasland was depressed and would constantly sit at home alone. “So I never did that,” replied the presenter, now more comfortable in her own skin. “Anyway, there were a lot of scandals, which were much bigger than that. But I think we were kind of the first to be treated in ways that were almost English tabloid-like. That’s why it’s so special,” Maasland looked back on her relationship with 28-year-old scion Hayes. years. “Someone from every corner has something to say about it. Everyone knows that, whether you’re a lawyer or you work in health care.”


Not even that relationship. I really loved it

Bridget Masland

She deplores the fact that many people condemned Maasland because Hazes was twenty years younger. “Very sexist. But that’s because I’m a woman. It was about a relationship with a younger man. I had never heard of Tiësto marrying a woman 28 years younger. That was such a huge difference in the relationship that it really wasn’t possible.”

tough time

Although Maasland has known several “dark periods” in her life, two stood out, she told Van Erven Dorens. Pepijn Padberg’s divorce and post-break with Hazes. Not even that relationship. “I really liked it,” Masland said. , But what happened to me next… There is also a very nice learning moment. It also helped me a lot.”

Does the blonde want to go back in time, or is she happy where she is now? “So I don’t want to trade. Then I want to stay here. Certainly in terms of uncertainty and knowing who you are and where you stand,” she concludes with relief.

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