Bridget Masland has had ‘the darkest time’ ever after her split from Andre Hazys

Bridget Masland has had ‘the darkest time’ ever after her split from Andre Hazys

“I find it difficult,” the presenter sighs. “I’ve had several. I really thought my divorce was my darkest time, because you’re with a little bumblebee and you don’t know where it goes yet. And it failed. It just didn’t work out. I thought that was a really tough time.” Bridget and her then-husband Pepijn divorced in 2009.

But the break with André Hazes also hit Bridget. “Two years ago, I also found it a very difficult time. Not even that relationship, because I really loved it. There’s not even what makes it hard, but what happened to me after that. But there’s also a very nice learning moment. It also helped me a lot.” And it shows, because Bridget points out that she is now in the best time of her life. “Certainly in terms of uncertainty and knowing who you are and where you stand.”

Not only after the breakup, but also during the relationship with André, Bridget is put through the wringer. “It was about an affair with a younger man. I had never heard of Tiësto marrying a woman 28 years younger than him. It wasn’t actually possible. I’d never heard of men being attacked by other men….they were both condemned by public opinion for allegedly severing the relationship and taking a woman out of the relationship.”

Bridget explains that women are actually not nice to other women. “It’s really a female thing. Also the downside, because this is also done by women. Men don’t hear about this, because they don’t care at all. But also the fact that the woman is older in this case doesn’t matter.”

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Her greatest support of all times is her son, Mays. On Beau’s interview programme, Bridget breaks down in tears when it comes to him. Bridget moved a lot – no less than 30 times. At some point she managed to sell her home, but she doesn’t have a new one yet. Her son, who was five years old at the time, reassures her. “Mays just went on vacation with his dad and then I said to him, ‘If you come back, we’ll move, but I don’t have another house yet.'” So I don’t know where we’re going to live.” Then he said literally — at five years old: “I don’t care at all, as long as we’re together.” “Bridget can’t keep it dry with tears running down her cheeks. “So you’re going to want to have the most babies on earth, right?”

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