Brend 413 Sports died in America

Brend 413 Sports died in America

Brend 413 Sport was put to sleep at Iron Spring Farm in America at the end of 2023. The stallion was 23 years old.

Athletic stallion

Brend 413 was bred as Bert-Jan van de Strubbenhof, a son of Brandus 345 Sport Preferent and Meta van de Strubbenhof Ster (Doeke 287), of pedigree 34. His breeder is Dagelet from Schipborg. Brend 413 comes from a sporting stock, and the stallion himself became ZZ-Zwaar in dressage, a remarkable achievement some 16 years ago. In America he was praised for his character and the stallion did good publicity for Friesian horses in dressage with Mary Alice Malone winning several championship titles with the stallion. His qualities as a studbook stallion also lie in his athletic talents.

Dry model gets married

Brend 413 was approved at the age of three and produced nearly 600 offspring. In 2008, he moved to America after being adopted by Descendants. Three mares became models: Oedske van de Heegh Model AA (mv Fetse 349), Nynke Ris Model AAA (mv Heinse 354) and Wiebke Model Sport AA (mv Rypke 321). He produced two favorite mares, two crown mares and nine offspring who received the sporting predicate.

Click here for the official letter from Iron Spring Farm

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