Breaking up with Leontine was Marco Borsato's decision

Breaking up with Leontine was Marco Borsato’s decision

According to Weekly Story magazine, Leontine and Marco Borsato broke up for a very different reason than fans think. According to a source, “Marco’s decision this time” was…

Insiders believe that the chance of Marco and Leonten getting back together is small but not impossible. Like Marco’s dream woman, Leontine still loves Marco very much. Everyone hopes to get back together someday.” For now, at least not together, let the insider know…

‘let her go’

But not for the reason that many people think. This time it was Marco who told Leontine that it was better not to have a relationship for a while.” For the reason: He wanted her to live her life without facing everywhere and always the accusation leveled against him. It is actually the ultimate form of love. The source told Story, “He let Her leave so that she can move on with her life and prepare for trial in peace.”

New love Leontine?

There are rumors that Leontine has a crush on someone else, reveals Yvonne Coldvier. “Nonsense!” According to the source. Leontine doesn’t have a new friend. She is so glowing because she feels like she’s starting a new chapter in her life.”

Last summer, Leontine gave Marco another chance to work on their relationship. Soon this went down hill. At the end of 2021, news spread of a report of Borsato’s abuse, and then soon the riots around The Voice of Holland returned again.

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