Bouwmeester returns to the World Cup after pregnancy and goes to the 2024 Games |  Currently

Bouwmeester returns to the World Cup after pregnancy and goes to the 2024 Games | Currently

Marit Baumeister will be back after her pregnancy at the World Sailing Championships in Kima next month. The 2016 Olympic champion wants to qualify for the Laser Radial category for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

34-year-old Baumeister became the mother of her daughter Jesse May 4.5 months ago. Soon after birth, the Friesian went into training to return to the higher level. “It’s just a short game drive,” Baumeister said. ad.

“Given my age, it’s important to make my body strong step by step. I can’t stand a big injury. I’m perfectly level, but my muscles don’t last long. If it lasts a week in World Cup storms, I’m going to have a hard time.”

On her return, Baumeister will accompany Jaap Zielhuis, who led her to an Olympic gold medal in the Laser Radial class in 2016. Zielhuis then became head coach of the Dutch Aquatics Association. It has been available since this summer. After the World Cup, it will become clear whether the two will continue together.

Baumeister is the most successful Dutch sailor among all women. In addition to the Olympic gold in 2016, the Frisian also took the Olympic silver in 2012. Last year, she had to earn a bronze medal at the Games in Tokyo. Her brother Roelof Baumeister was her coach at the time.

Marit Baumeister is also a four-time World Champion in the Laser Radial category. Her last world title dates back to 2020, after previous success in 2011, 2014 and 2017. Last year she was unable to defend her world title in Oman due to pregnancy. The World Sailing Championships begins in Kima on October 11 and runs until October 16.

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