Bored Of Safari? Here Are 4 Cool Browsers You Can Switch To

Bored Of Safari? Here Are 4 Cool Browsers You Can Switch To

macOS is one of the few operating systems whose native applications and utilities can give top-tier third-party applications a run for their money. A prime example of this is the default browser of macOS, Safari. Safari is considered one of the best browsers that feature exceptional-quality plugins and functionalities that provide an exceptional browsing experience to macOS users. According to TechRadar, Safari is a practical and reliable option for macOS users. Its seamless integration with Apple’s services, such as iCloud and Apple Pay, makes it a great choice for Mac users. 

Even though it is a great web browser that comes preloaded with multiple top-notch features, users may find it boring to use Safari after some time. Thankfully, macOS offers support for numerous third-party browsers. Thus, users who are on the lookout for a Safari alternative can easily download and install another web browser and start using it for browsing the Internet, consuming content, playing online games, shopping, etc. This article will cover some of the best Safari alternatives that macOS users can conveniently switch to. Let us begin:

  • Google Chrome

One of the biggest names in the world of web browsers is Google Chrome. It is the most popular web browser used by millions of macOS and Windows users. Chrome is an exceptional tool that features a range of useful plugins and extensions. Even though Chrome uses a lot of RAM, it allows users to conveniently manage multiple tabs, which significantly adds to users’ productivity. Besides this, web pages load very quickly on the browser. The Zoom feature facilitates users to zoom in on websites featuring small-sized text. In addition, the browser features seamless integration with all Google Suite applications, including Drive, Docs, Photos, Translate, etc. The Chrome Web Store features over 150,000 extensions, and thus, you can conveniently find any extension you are looking for, including password managers, screenshot tools, grammar-checking utilities, etc. Google Chrome also features top-tier security protocols, and thus, you can have a safe and secure browsing experience using Google’s top-tier web browsing application. The best part about Google Chrome is that it is absolutely free to use and readily available online for macOS users. 

  • Internet Explorer
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Internet Explorer has been the default browser of the Windows OS in numerous versions of the operating system. Even though it has been discontinued, many users still prefer using it, primarily because of its easy-to-use interface and support for flash. If you have been an avid Internet Explorer user and have recently switched from a Windows device to a Mac, there are numerous ways following which you can use Internet Explorer on macOS. For instance, you can simulate the native Windows browser on your Mac using Safari. If your Mac runs on Mojave or any earlier version of macOS, you can use Safari’s Advanced menu options to use Internet Explorer on your Mac. Besides this, you can also try launching Internet Explorer on a virtual machine. To know more about using Internet Explorer on your Mac and the steps involved, visit

  • Vivaldi

If you are on the lookout for a browser that offers a smooth web browsing experience and offers top-notch customization features, Vivaldi is a great browser you can try out. With an extensive range of customization tools and options available, you can carve the look of Vivaldi as per your preferences. Whether you wish to access messaging platforms, scroll through social media feeds and news sites, do online shopping or watch content online, Vivaldi does all of it and more with ease.  

Besides this, it offers top-notch security by blocking unwanted adverts and pop-ups. 

  • Firefox

Another great Safari alternative for macOS users is Firefox. One of the best things about Firefox is that it takes the privacy and security of users very seriously. Its “Tracking Protection” feature prevents websites and webpages from tracking your activity and collecting sensitive data. Besides this, its in-built ad-blocking feature prevents the majority of pop-ups from coming up on users’ screens while they are using the browser for surfing the Internet. It loads webpages very quickly and, thus, offers a very smooth and convenient browsing experience to users. Moreover, Firefox offers numerous customization options to users using which they can amp up the look and feel of Firefox. Users can choose from hundreds of appealing themes and enhance their browser’s appeal. There are hundreds of top-notch extensions available for users when it comes to extensions. Firefox is a great option for macOS users looking for a safe and reliable alternative for Safari.

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There are numerous excellent web browsers readily available on the market for macOS users. If you wish to switch to another web browser from Safari, you can choose from one of the browsers mentioned above. 

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