Bomba ready for South American Games - Surinam Herald

Bomba ready for South American Games – Surinam Herald

After an apprenticeship of about two months in the Netherlands, Janiek Pomba can return to real work. A middle-distance runner competes in a 10,000 km track race during the South American Games in Paraguay. He promised in the run-up to the event: “It won’t be easy, but I will give everything.”

Bomba returned from a training camp abroad not long ago. Thanks to the support of, among others, his sponsor GOw2, with whom he collaborated a few months ago, he was able to travel to the Netherlands where he trained in Leiden at the Leiden Athletics Federation.

It didn’t hurt Bomba, as he improved his time in the 10,000 metres, the part he will run during Friday’s Odesur Games. The athlete from Prokopondo now runs 33:15, the time he scored during a competition in the Netherlands.

Admittedly, Bomba was thinking of something else. He had his sights set on the South American Games for Under-23 Athletes. However, that did not happen, because he did not achieve the target time. “In the U23 competition, people are running at the level I am at at the moment. In the South American Games, you have players already running under 29 seconds. I am not there yet, but I will be there.”

For this reason, Pomba does not anticipate a place on the podium, but that does not mean that he does not have a goal in mind during the competition. “At least I want to shorten my time more, and do my best,” said the 22-year-old athlete.

It wasn’t easy for Pomba in the 10k race. Ten other athletes from Argentina and Brazil, among others, will compete.

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