Boer's Cora is looking for a woman to give an update on Koop

Boer’s Cora is looking for a woman to give an update on Koop

“I really had a nice connection with Cobb the first day I came in,” Cora says. “Nan made a nice apple pie and promised us a cup with a piece. So I thought: Look.” But the fact that she suddenly appeared at the door with apple pie and attention, surprised him. “He didn’t know what to do with it either,” Cora laughs. “It’s all about Evert and suddenly one of the women visits Cope and says, ‘I like you too’.”

Korra explained to Koop that he shouldn’t see her “going to the next” now that it didn’t work out. She said he liked her anyway, and exchanged the two numbers. How that ended is now known as well. “Cope and I called the app,” Cora explains. But we decided not to go any further.”

Participation in A farmer looking for a wife Cora says she brought in a lot, but not in the way you’d expect as a viewer. You have learned not to feel insecure. “Of course it’s a disappointment [dat het met Evert niks is geworden]”, Says.” I’m the kind of person who cares about me and I’m always there for someone else. I always put myself second. Now I dare say, which I didn’t dare, Cora could be there too. I couldn’t get that out of my throat a week ago.”

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A farmer looking for a wife It airs every Sunday at 8.25pm ​​on NPO 1.

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