Body found while searching for missing Gabriel Petito (22)

Body found during tracing Gabriel Pettito (22)

“Teams are currently on their way to examine the body,” police told AFP. Found in a national park in western Wyoming, in search of Gabrielle Petito.


The FBI, which was involved in the search, announced at a press conference that it was most likely the body of the missing woman. “While this is not 100 per cent certain, similarities have been found,” a company spokesperson said. “More criminal investigations are underway.”

The remarkable issue of missing persons is receiving great attention in the United States. Gabrielle, aka Gabe, had left on tour in the US with her partner Brian in July.

On September 1, 23-year-old Brian Laundry returned – without his partner, Gabe. Later, her family reported her disappearance to the police. Laundry’s relatives announced this weekend that they had not seen him since last Tuesday. It also seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

The case of multiple missing persons

Police said in a statement earlier this week that they were “disappointed” with the turn of events. The annoyance appears to have arisen mainly because the Laundry family did not want to call the police until recently.

“We are not currently investigating a crime, but a case of several missing persons,” the police said.

“Where’s Gabby?”

Gabriel Pettito’s friends gathered at Laundry’s house this weekend chanting, “Where’s Gabe?” Her family has said through a lawyer that they do not believe Brian Laundry is actually missing. “He’s just hiding.”

Reporter Michel Voss told RTL Boulevard this weekend:

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