Blue dogs in Russia: we must find the reason

Blue dogs in Russia: we must find the reason

According to Dzerzhinsk residents, a plexiglass plant has been illegally dumping chemical waste, including copper sulfate, for years. This substance can explain the blue color well: the dry version is white, but when in contact with water, pentahydrate forms, and this (yes) is blue.

The substance may cause a burning or stinging sensation on the skin. After contact it can lead to itching or inflammation.

Meanwhile, local authorities have also interfered with the mystery. They plan to catch the dogs so they can be examined. “We need to verify their health and find out the cause of the blue coat,” a spokesman said.


Catching this can be difficult, because although the plant is no longer in use, the owner still determines who can enter the land. Hence who does not. The city council is trying to bring a number of veterinarians to the site anyway.

In 2017, eleven blue dogs appeared in the Indian city of Mumbai. There, after investigation, it was determined that the discharge of chemical waste was the cause of the discoloration. Then most of the dogs looked somewhat like themselves again after a good wash.

Then those dogs looked like this:

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