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Updates are included with purchase of maps, speed cameras, and traffic information as well as mobile data ;) I find a dedicated navigation device much nicer than actually navigating with a phone. Portable, because when I bought a compact car after a few years that couldn’t update enough, I got really irritated. : s Nowadays, I’m using Apple Maps with FlitsMeister in the background. If I were to use Android, it would probably still be TomTom or at least something that wasn’t Google at all. : s

In any case, it is actually irrelevant; The point was: I had TomTom, and nothing as simple as updating TomTom from Linux can’t be done. I’m sick of those kinds of jokes. :) (Not a “Linux” bug, of course, but that’s what it is.)

I use a lot of open software because as a developer I support this concept. You have to win with knowledge and support, not with the code itself. I’ve seen a lot of closed programs that are no longer supported and that’s it.

I have a very good heart for the open source community. I use all kinds of open source software myself, contribute to it (even running a non-profit organization that funds and technically supports some FOSS projects) and for servers I don’t use anything else. But for a desktop, it’s really a different story IMHO. You feel sometimes stuck with closed programs that are no longer up to date, I felt stuck in an updated open source program, but simply always had a flaw/solution needed to be able to/keep running or it was really bad compared to the “original”. : s Nice updates, but a lot of things are delayed, visually not very good and not always stable (*cough* OpenOffice *cough*) and not compatible with each other.

So far, most of the software I’ve bought for macOS is still well supported and the open source stuff I want to use works just fine in macOS, including all the innovative peripheral apps, so I’m totally happy. :) Pretty much all the open source stuff I use has a Mac port or can be compiled on it. : s For me, macOS is the absolute compromise that offers the best of both worlds.

macOS is nice, but it’s an ultimate closed system.

I didn’t notice anything. I can install and translate whatever I want and feel much more free than Windows and no less free than Linux. :)

But hey, each one has their own. You should also use whatever is best for you or closest to your ideological goals. I offer a compromise on that. :)

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