Blizzard will release Diablo IV by June 2023 and offer new gameplay – Gaming – News

Diablo IV will be released by June 2023 at the latest. The game will also feature crossover and cross progression across all available platforms. In addition, the category of necromancers has been added to the well-known game series.

Necromancers are known for their ability to revive the dead and have them fight on their side. The chapter has been awarded a Story Trailer by developer Blizzard. In addition, the studio showed a new demo of the gameplay.

In this demo, which is part of Microsoft & Bethesda Gallery As of Sunday, Blizzard states that Diablo IV will feature approximately 150 different dungeons. In addition, there is a so-called new strongholds, the strongholds of the opponent’s legions of Lilith, which players can clear. After they do that, small towns can form in those places.

The multiplayer game is also reviewed. Blizzard shows an example of a towering boss monster that must be defeated by cooperating with large numbers of players. Player versus player is also a possibility in specially equipped arenas. Blizzard says it plans to provide the game with new content for “years”. The game will be released for the current generation of Xbox, PlayStation and Windows consoles. be too Recordings Open for next beta testing of the game.

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