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Yes, and when I say I need this for treatment, it’s a very good reason. Voila, there you are with your gdpr. As long as I have a reason and I only use this, there is no problem.

If you ‘need’ it, i.e. want to run it on a ‘necessary to contract performance’ basis, then it must be there firm Necessary. There should be no possible way to fulfill the contract without processing the relevant data.

Extremely necessary are, for example, address details if you order an item online and choose to have it delivered to your home address. This cannot be achieved without sharing your address.
But if you choose to pick up your package at a collection point, the other party does not need to have your home address to comply with the contract.

For example, it is not entirely necessary that you are also obligated to specify your age, for example; provide your email address; provide a phone number; etc. to place your order. For example, this is possible my choice You are prompted for a phone number as a contact method if something goes wrong with the request – but this is not necessary. Then you will. You must operate on an “approval” basis.

What Blizzard is trying to do with its anti-cheat here is fun; But there is no absolute necessity. The past shows that it is possible to interrupt the recurrence of cheating in other ways. Each digital license is already linked to an online account and is non-transferable. Account ban. Been completed. If you are interested in the number of people aged between 70 and 80 euros each time they are caught, they will create a new account and buy the game again.

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License and online account are data that must actually be processed for the purpose of verifying the use of an original. Processing to verify this by means of a block list is also a purpose that can be identified with this (DRM; anti-fraud; etc. TPMs). There is nothing wrong with reusing this data in this way, and you adhere to the principle of data minimization: striving to be able to use the smallest possible set of data about the person.

So there is no need for further SMS verification. Actually, it doesn’t make sense for that to happen.

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