Black Saturday's biggest peak, traffic jams are slowly decreasing

Black Saturday’s biggest peak, traffic jams are slowly decreasing

This was reported by ANWB. Today is Black Saturday, traditionally the busiest day on the roads in Europe when many vacationers travel on the road at the same time.

An ANWB spokesperson said the bigger peak is now over. “Everywhere the delay is decreasing, but here and there it is still significant.” For example, it is still busy on the A10 motorway towards Austrian Villach. There is still a 3 hour traffic jam.

closed in the back

Also, it is still closed to the back of the Autoroute du Soleil, A7 in France. There is a traffic jam for more than 3.5 hours. “Yes, that’s still huge, but the delay this afternoon was 6 hours.”

Compared to last year, this Black Saturday is different. At that time, there were only 750 kilometers of traffic jams in France. “But then we were in the epidemic,” an ANWB spokesperson said.

Compared to last Saturday, there is also an extra step. “Then there was 930 kilometers of traffic jam in France around noon, and today it was 1090 kilometers.”

“Black Sabbath light”

Are you leaving for France tomorrow? Then it would not be in such a mess as it is today, although it would be busy. “Tomorrow will actually be Black Sabbath light,” the spokesman said. “We can’t give concrete forecasts, but there certainly won’t be any huge traffic jams like today.”

Every year there is a warning about Black Sabbath, and every year we all meet again. In 2016 we found out why:

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