Bitcoin ETF was first approved in Brazil in South America

Bitcoin ETF was first approved in Brazil in South America

The financial world is under the spell of Bitcoin (PTC). How do you pay for this event with manageable financial output for the financial markets? One of the answers is the Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF).

Transaction-Trade Finance

The exchange-trading fund is also referred to as an index monitor. It is an investment fund that, in this case, wants to follow the price of BTC as much as possible. Before you start such a product, you must send several local controllers, because you have to comply with several rules.

Start at Bitcoin and do not pay a trade fee of up to 1,000 for your first purchase

In Brazil, QR Asset Management was successful in securing their plan for an ETF. ETF is listed on B3, the largest stock exchange in the country.

CNN Reports It is not yet clear when the launch will take place, and now the target seems to be June.

In countries such as the United States and in regions such as Europe, such large launches are currently pending. Three ETFs were recently approved in Canada.

The world is awake, moving forward, and now we will see who we are waiting for.

Bitcoin, without exchange

An ETF is interesting for investors who want to do nothing with ‘real’ bitcoin. Investing in an index tracker is done with one simple goal: pickpocketing on price moves.

Bitcoin is very suitable for companies and individuals to buy and store themselves. Differently, the current limitations of the financial world mean that big players in this market can interfere with great difficulty.

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These types of funds are really an intermediary: parties who want to speculate on BTC, but (still) want to do nothing to buy BTC.

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