Biomutant Review: Buying, Budgeting, or Demolishing?

Biomutant Review: Buying, Budgeting, or Demolishing?

A game that has been in development for quite a few years has finally reached its release date. No, we’re not talking about Starfield, Halo Infinite, or even Half-Life or the new Beyond Good & Evil. So we have to wait (a little bit) longer and there’s little hope at all for the latter. We are talking about the game from the title of this article: Biomutant. A small development studio game that lived well in the community and made Daan and JJ curious. And since last week, they were finally able to check if the game’s long development phase had performed well for the product. Or is all efforts in vain and is it better to ignore this title? You can find the answers in our Biomutant review.

Biomutant Review: A separate case

If you have high expectations for this game, we ask that you lighten it up a little in advance. We do not mean that you should ignore the game in advance. But it is true that this game has become somewhat of a separate case. by all mean of the word. Either you love him or you don’t love him at all. Such a case is Biomutant. The game was made by an unknown Swedish studio, and Biomutant is their first game. By the way, the Swedes did not end up together during the development process. They were not satisfied with their particular product, which is why Biomutant has seen so much delay. How did this story end? Daan and JJ will answer this important question in this review.

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Very high bar

Setting a high ceiling for yourself is a very noble endeavor. We are hardworking creatures and often want to get the best out of ourselves. But self-knowledge is also important to me. In any case, the makers of Biomutant set very high standards. The title is marketed and sold as an RPG. And if you stick this sticker to your game, you place a very high bar for the newest (first) member. Something that might not be very helpful in your first game. But the miracles are not over yet and the talent always appears. Whether this Swedish game is worth your hard-earned euro, JJ and Daan will discuss with you in this Biomutant review. Want to see more reviews? Then check this link.

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