Billion pool closes with opening of Velp Sports Stadium

Billion pool closes with opening of Velp Sports Stadium

VELP – The new sports stadium next to Biljoenbad in Velp was opened on Saturday 28 May 2022. Alderman Marc Budel opened the sports field in a very sporty way.

In the sports field, all residents can enjoy the football field, the skating track, the volleyball court and fitness in the gymnastics park. After the official opening, there have been demonstrations and residents can experience for themselves what it’s like to exercise in this outdoor sports stadium through clinics. The Sports Court is the conclusion to Project Biljoenbad, the iconic project of the current B&W College.

Mark Bodell opened the sports ground at 11 am after a short speech in which he said he would inaugurate his last job as a local sports councillor in the municipality of Rieden. He thanked all the attendees and the associations that were present and that contributed to making this project possible.

Through some sort of relay race, an alderman hits a volleyball over the net of the volleyball court, followed by a soccer ball to the soccer field, then threw a basketball into the basket, opening the athletic field. Several clinics on the sports field followed, and it was also possible to try basketball with a wheelchair. The children enjoyed themselves at the rink.

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