Bill Cosby sued again for $125 million gossip

Bill Cosby sued again for $125 million gossip

“I’ve waited a long time for this lawsuit to be filed, but now I look forward to hearing from us and holding Cosby to account for what he did to me,” Bernard told US media. “Although the events happened a long time ago, I still live every day of my life with fear, pain, and shame.”


Bernard met the actor on the set cosby show, Where he proposed to be her guide. “He considered Mrs. Bernard his daughter,” the complaint said. He stressed that chastity is a virtue, and warned her of sexual pressures in Hollywood, and told her My Father Can be contacted. “

But during a “counseling session” at a hotel, Cosby allegedly gave Bernard a drink, after which she “felt dizzy, vomited and weak.” According to the indictment, Bernard was said to have fallen unconscious and subsequently lost him, and on one occasion woke up “Mr. Cosby laying naked on top of her.” She also remembered saying no.

The next morning, Cosby allegedly gave her the money and arranged for her to be taken back to New York. The complaint concluded that “Mr. Cosby assaulted, beat and drugged Mrs. Bernard”.

Bernard also claims that Cosby threatened to sue her for defamation if she went to the police. ‘He was erasing it’ (“Clear” is in red.) If you reveal the abuse,” it appears. Bernard’s lawyers filed the complaint in a New Jersey court on Thursday. This is a civil complaint, not a criminal case. Bernard is seeking $25 million (about 21.5 million euros) in damages.

Not an iota of evidence

According to Cosby spokesman Andrew White, Bernard is abusing the so-called “look back judgments”, the laws in place in some US states that allow victims of sexual assault to file a civil complaint, but the abuse has long since occurred. They are unconstitutional. This is yet another attempt at a violation of justice by people who have not provided an iota of evidence to support their allegations. Mr. Cosby will continue to maintain his innocence and will fight vigorously against all charges.”

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Cosby was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2018 for assaulting Andrea Constand. He served two years, but was released in June after his conviction was overturned on appeal due to a procedural error.

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