Bilal Wahib

Bilal Wahib sees the PR director interfering during an interview with Volkskrant

Bilal Waheeb will appear in De Volkskrant this Christmas weekend with an important interview. When asked about his record label Top Notch, the PR employee steps in. “Not first class.”


You’ll Always Be Bilal Waheeb: On that March evening when an underage boy asked during an Instagram live session To show his genitals. The next day everyone brought him down hard, even his record label Top Notch. Somewhat hypocritical, because there is a lot of scum subject to contract.

The public relations officer

Despite everything, Bilal released a new album on Top Notch. “It has to be contractual,” he told de Volkskrant.

Then the interviewer said, “That doesn’t sound excited.”

PR Manager for Bilal: “The best of Top Notch.”

Bilal doesn’t care: “I can hear it, I really don’t care. You can just ask.”

“I’m leaving there!”

Top Notch spoiled it with Bilal. “As soon as the contract is up, I’m leaving. I’m pretty sure of that, they were related to me too. They immediately issued a statement the next day without talking to me. Don’t do it with someone who is contracted with you.”

He continues, “I don’t blame the media, that’s how it goes, they want juice, well, most of them. But as a record company, you don’t treat someone under contract that way. Have a conversation first, then you can say whatever you want.”


De Volkskrant also wants to know from Bilal if he thinks his Moroccan roots have anything to do with the severe punishment he was subjected to. “These are rumors, but I don’t really believe in them. I’m a fan,” he says.

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He made a stupid mistake, Bilal said. Although he didn’t see it right away. “I thought it was really funny at the time. But then I started thinking: That wasn’t actually very clever. Some jokes you don’t have to tell.”


You can read a great interview with Bilal Waheeb On the Volkskrant website From via Blendle. He talks extensively about the repercussions of his inappropriate banter on Instagram, but also about his youth and future prospects.

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