Big Brother viewers see resident Jason struggle after ‘bullying behaviour’

Jason has not been comfortable on set since the beginning of the program. The residents find it annoying and bring it up. For example, yesterday’s telecast broadcast of Kiara and Rob flinging him with something trivial. However, regular viewers of the live broadcast see more: Jason is left out and ignored. This is why there is talk of bullying on Twitter.

Last night it was absolutely hurt when viewers of the live stream saw Jason was mentally impaired. He sits alone outside in the hot tub and starts talking to himself. He says, “Fear of leaving: no problem. Just upset with my own thoughts and not having a home. I can easily handle the game, just this in my head.”

On Twitter, people are flocking to Pen in support of Jason. One person wrote, “It hurts me so much that you talk to yourself because no one does that to you.” “Poor Jason now thinks nobody likes him and that’s why he was left out and because he thinks something is wrong with him.” One thing is clear: Jason online has a lot of support. I felt sorry when I saw Jason sitting by himself. I don’t think it is intended for anyone! “

Big brother She can be seen every working day at 8:30 pm. On RTL 5 and Videoland. On Saturdays, the show can be watched live at 8 p.m. On RTL 5. In Videoland, you can watch the residents 24/7 via live stream.

Gabby Placer’s ex Danny is also on the show. He has made remarks about Gaby on the reality show. You can see how you react to that in the video below.

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