Bieke Cattoor is a new member of the Youth Academy

Bieke Cattoor is a new member of the Youth Academy

This year, Bieke Cattoor from the Department of Urbanism, Department of Landscape Architecture, is one of ten new members of the Youth Academy. The Youth Academy is a dynamic and innovative platform for researchers from various disciplines with a vision on science and science policy. Ten new members join each year. They come from a whole range of sciences and conduct research on a variety of topics, from climate justice to cellular interactions or Islamic intellectual history.

landscape fantasy

Bieke Cattoor investigates how landscapes can be captured in photographs, focusing on everyday urban environments. It not only analyzes, but also designs itself. Her cartographically critical work uses the transformative power of the imagination to reveal and rejuvenate prevalent—often outdated—patterns of spatial thinking. Bieke is currently working with citizen scientists and urban actors on a new representation of Randstad as a park complex. Randstad residents are gardeners in a more social and ecological living environment. With her research at Het Tuinencomplex, Bieke wants to contribute to a social, biodiversity and climate-resilient city.

As a landscape architecture scholar, you will bring design research to the youth academy agenda, thus opening up opportunities for a more holistic approach to the creation, acquisition, practice and communication of knowledge. As an experienced academic with a physical disability, she is also particularly passionate about contributing to actions that proactively promote diversity and inclusion in academic education and research.

Youth Academy

The Youth Academy is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. At the time of their appointment, the fifty members had received their doctorates less than ten years ago. Together, these scientists represent a wide range of scientific disciplines and work at Dutch universities and a large number of research institutes. Their membership lasts five years, with ten members in and out each year. During their five-year membership, they have supported projects in the areas of science policy, interdisciplinary, internationalization and the relationship between science and society. The ten researchers will be formally appointed as members of the Young Academy on Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

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Beck Kator is a researcher in landscape architecture in the Department of Urbanism in the College of Architecture. Earlier this year, Bieke got VENI for her research at Het Tuinencomplex.

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