Meghan krijgt steun als toekomstig president

Biden’s support: Megan to be future president of the United States?

Megan Markle has a good chance as the future president of the United States. Joe Biden’s sister Valerie Biden thinks so.

It is no secret that Megan has political ambitions. It has been previously reported that he wants to run in the US presidential election.

First female president

A source close to Washington told the Daily Mail that Megan had started a network within the Democrats and hoped to fight Joe Biden in a few years. With that, she wants to win the title of first female president.

Trump is not a fan of Megan

Anyway, former US President Donald Trump, who wants to compete against him, hopes he will take a shot. “I’m not a fan of hers. I do not like her talking about the royal family and the Queen. I know the Queen, I met her, I think she’s a wonderful person. And I’m not a fan of Megan,” Trump said.

Valerie Biden: ‘Megan has a good chance’

But according to Valerie Biden, Joe Biden’s sister and close adviser, Megan has a good chance of becoming president of the United States. He also fully supports it because he wants to see a female president in the future.

“The more women we have, the better our democratic system works,” Valerie Biden told Good Morning Britain. “A great vision, a different vision. We embrace all women and welcome him to join the Democrats.

“So you think he’s a good potential candidate, maybe one day to be president?” She was asked. “Yes, of course!”, Valerie replied confidently.

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