Biden Watch: Today everyone is America's 'expert'

Biden Watch: Today everyone is America’s ‘expert’

At Biden Watch, U.S. experts discuss Willem Post Ann Stan Bose Joe Biden’s presidency and significant advances in American politics.

Every Dutch person is an American expert. So are you! There is no country in the world that has so many American experts. Check it out. In recent Trump years, there has been plenty of American commentary on television alone. Evening-night, night-out. Even ‘normal’ journalists become experts and refresh you until you no longer see ‘stars and lines’.

New American experts became famous for their anti-Trump voices, after which right-wing newcomers suddenly found a real place. They stood in support of their Trump. An example of Dutch politics! Wilders and Padd became big fans.


The phenomenon of the American expert being affected by inflation is, in fact, nothing more. What is remarkable is that many professionals in the media follow the left or right function and thereby position themselves on a pedestal. Arrogance is at its best. In a zeitgeist characterized by increasing polarity, the specialist will quickly turn dark red or deep blue. They express their own opinion. In short, you worship ‘The Donald’ or are inspired by ‘Joe’. Is it really interesting to constantly hear what they personally think about a politician? So no.

In which Biden Watch We follow closely with Biden and. Of course truth and opinion cannot be separated one hundred percent. But you should at least try. We will not go with Biden or Trump ecstasy or, if you will, Trump or Biden hatred. Promise!

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Then you will sometimes deceive people. We hosted an event in the United States last month at the Newsport Press Center about Biden’s presidency. “She is OK. Silence is back! ‘Someone shouted during question and answer. “What quality do you give him for those first months?” Stan and I looked at each other. ‘Go, a thin seven for those first honeymoon weeks’ is our answer. Many cheat faces in the room. Why so frugal?


In fact, with his first $ 19 trillion punch and money bill, the president provided several vaccines and immediate financial assistance. Good. But it is getting harder. Take his big infrastructure projects. Not only Republicans, but even moderate Democrats think Biden wants to spend money like a Scrooge McDuck.

About seventy percent of Americans, however, support policies to provide a shattered infrastructure with a major transformation. Bridges are crumbling, many roads are full of potholes, airports and ports are being upgraded, much of the country is without high-speed internet, and the United States is no longer a high-speed rail link to all corners.

Biden is serious about infrastructure, but needs cooperation from “both sides of the political aisle” on Capitol Hill, which is seriously discriminating. For now, there is a huge financial gap in the beautiful presidential plans. If Biden gets that law through Congress, it will be a huge success. Even the most careless Trump among American experts must admit it.

Willem Post (1955) is affiliated with the Klingandale Company and has been involved in American politics since the 1980s. Stan Bose (1982) has traveled to all 50 states and has been involved in American politics since 2002. They were at the Democratic Main Station in New Hampshire in February 2020.

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