Biden wants to invest $ 2 trillion in US infrastructure

Biden wants to invest $ 2 trillion in US infrastructure

Biden’s ambition is to improve the lives of all Americans. “This is a break from Donald Trump’s presidency,” said Christoph Krumbez, a political economist at the Stanford Institute for International Studies. Trump cut a budget hole with his tax cut that ultimately benefited the richest Americans by 1%.

Congress has yet to approve the plan. There, Democrats can again expect opposition from Republicans, who are already protesting loudly at plans to raise taxes. The president admitted in his speech that this would be a pain point, but said he was open to other ideas to fund the plan.

Biden’s new plan comes shortly after Congress approved a plan aimed at recovering from the Covid pandemic. About $ 2 trillion has been earmarked for this purpose. President Biden is on his way to a quick start, but he has to do it, says Christoph Crombez: “Biden has less than two years to fulfill big plans. Then there will be congressional elections again and the Democrats can lose their majority. He does not want to make the same mistake. Like President Obama. “

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