Biden-Putin first meeting 'positive and constructive'

Biden-Putin first meeting ‘positive and constructive’

Expectations were high for the first meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. They discussed some serious topics, but later said the two enjoyed the conversation positively and constructively.

According to US correspondent John Postma, the response to the conversation in the United States has been overwhelmingly positive. “Especially on the side of the Democrats, there is excitement. It is emphasized that Biden did not back down and that he brought everything. He talked about human rights and Navalny, and Russian interference in the Ukrainian and US elections. So the Democrats say Biden stood his ground.”

Unexpectedly, Republicans are increasingly critical of their president’s actions. Postma: ‘They focus on firm deals made. Some of them are: the ambassadors are returning to Moscow and Washington and relations have been restored. But Republicans say: What good is it if you can’t trust Putin? ‘

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Navy, human rights and cyber attacks

Although Biden did not go into negotiations with the open arms, he did come up with some exciting topics. Two of these were widely reported in the American media. Postma: ‘Navy and human rights are seen as important topics by Americans. They provide a clear example of Putin being a dictator. ‘

Cyber ​​attacks were also reviewed. “A few weeks ago, when a large pipeline was hacked, we clearly saw the consequences of such an attack. Suddenly it became clear how vulnerable the United States was to the long population and empty gas stations. Biden insisted.

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