Biden did not expand US presence in Afghanistan

Biden did not expand US presence in Afghanistan

The Americans are determined to leave Afghanistan on the scheduled August 31st, so in a week. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made this clear after consulting with other countries at the G7 summit. The British and Germans insisted on a longer stay to allow more exodus from Afghanistan after the capture of the radical Islamic Taliban.

US President Joe Biden has decided to end the presence of US troops in Afghanistan on August 31 in consultation with the US National Security Council. That decision goes against calls from Western allies who have called for an extension of its presence in Afghanistan. The US media has reported that they will start on Friday. Until then, we are absolutely certain of a final run in the exit, ‘says John Postma, a journalist in the United States.

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Biden was criticized only for manipulating the US presence in Afghanistan. “This is very painful. You notice that it is difficult for the people here to accept. The Taliban is in charge, you have to accept it. No one wants an expansion because that too will require a lot of civilian casualties. They are afraid to attack the airport, which is a detrimental moment for Biden, but in the end the main thing is that the Americans are in favor of the decision to leave. Between a rock and a hard place, As they say here. No good options. ‘

Ensuring safety

When the United States leaves, there will be no one to ensure security. That is why the Pentagon and the Fed are insisting that they will do everything they can to get everyone out of there. Biden has made that promise many times, but who is it all, and who will come under it? As far as Pitton is concerned, Americans are the most important. Americans and Europeans take precedence, followed by Afghans. The Taliban also do not want brainwashing and want to keep all good human beings. So again you stick to the same conclusion: the Taliban are the boss here. ‘

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