Biden calls American clubs: "Opening up the stadiums completely is a mistake" |  baseball

Biden calls American clubs: “Opening up the stadiums completely is a mistake” | baseball

US President Joe Biden believes that the Texas Rangers baseball team has shown no “responsibility” by agreeing to fill their stadium 100 percent in their opening game of the season.

For its part, the National Football Association of America (NFL) has indicated that it intends to host matches in full arenas in early September.

“That’s the decision they made. I think it’s a mistake,” Biden said of the Rangers ’decision to fill their stadium with 40,300 seats. “They have to listen to doctors, scientists and experts,” Biden said.

The US President also stressed the importance of wearing a face mask and adhering to health instructions to prevent the spread of the virus. The virus has already killed about 500,000 Americans, including 50,000 in Texas.

The president added: “Look at what is happening in European countries where they ended the embargo. I do not understand why we do not respect science to beat the virus completely.”

The Washington Nationals baseball team announced this week that 5 players will miss their season-opening match against the New York Mets on Thursday, as per the Covid Health Protocol.

Among them is a player who tested positive, whose name has not been revealed. The citizens plan to allow 5,000 fans into their stadium, or 12% of the total capacity.

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