Bibi makes herself heard after confessing to "Oak" Waylon: 'You deserve this' |  gossip

Bibi makes herself heard after confessing to “Oak” Waylon: ‘You deserve this’ | gossip

The first picture that Bibi posts on Father’s Day shows her father. You also write: “The man who is always there for me.” Then a picture of Waylon with his daughter Teddy and son Chester appeared. With a curvy face, the singer is lying under a blanket. “And only you deserve this Father’s Day. Just submit to it.”

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Then Bibi shared some pictures, maybe they were meant to be funny. For example, we see Waylon “sleeping” with his lap in bed and a rubber band in his hair. In the last picture, under the wise song sounds I have no more F*cks To She writes, give her: “So. Eh, that’s comforting.” At first it was written “But Walnut also dear fathers…”, but she removed that text.

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Waylon admitted cheating on Bibi last Friday when she was pregnant. The singer said on Instagram that he “blew it up” and talked about “demons in his head”. The confession came after rumor channels reported that Waylon cheated on his girlfriend while she was pregnant.

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“I want to be a better father than I used to be. I love my family more than anything and that’s what I did wrong. The only thing Bibi gains now is that she enjoys motherhood in peace, I even took it from her. I’m an idiot!”

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