Bibi Bregman questions breast augmentation: 'Waylon's drag into the clinic' |  show

Bibi Bregman questions breast augmentation: ‘Waylon’s drag into the clinic’ | show

Bibi is very candid about her turbulent relationship with her breasts in her column. In elementary school, when she was only 8 years old, a boy once yelled, “You’re getting breasts!” There was an explosion of laughter from the other boys in the class and Pepe could sink to the floor. Fortunately, in the years since, she’s noticed that other girls her age are getting them too and shopping for bras has become “a fun outing after school.” Although she writes about that experience in elementary school: “If I now think this will happen to my daughter in six years, I’ll freak out.”


While pushing, I felt like Lolo Ferrari with the compresses in my chest

Aunt Bregman

After that, Bibi established a “close relationship” with her frontman for many years. But of course that cannot go smoothly. Motherhood presented itself,” she recalls, referring to the birth of her daughter Teddy in 2018. “During the decorations I felt like Lolo Ferrari with the compresses in my chest. They jumped and served my baby at every cry. Unfortunately, after this period, the whole mess collapsed into two leaked tea bags.

After seeing some holiday footage, Pepe decided: it’s time to revamp the facade. “She dragged the way to a clinic doing those surgeries. We were taken to a room with a desk full of bags. I thought of her early years when she was still ashamed of her breasts. ‘They didn’t deserve it again.'”

However, Bibi returned home empty-handed. “I looked at the bags of fish on the surgeon’s desk. I thought why cut? After all, they’re healthy and doing their job. I put on a bra and left the building comfortably.

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