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As usual, we’ll be publishing a new edition of our Laptop Best Buy guide on February 1st. It’s the first of 2023. We’re looking for a budget laptop under 500€, a good basic laptop for which we’re settling for 700€ and a thin and lightweight laptop that can cost 1000€.

CES was at the beginning of January and there are traditionally many new laptops announce. This makes sense, because Intel as well as AMD and Nvidia introduced their new mobile devices. Intel came up with Thirteenth generation of its core processors for laptops, of which no fewer than 32 versions have been introduced. This ranged from economical 15W processors for thin and light Ultrabooks, to 28W chipsets for larger power average laptops, and 45W and 55W CPUs for powerful laptops and workstations.

AMDs Ryzen 7000 series It consists of a number of new chips with existing Zen4 cores, including very powerful HX models with up to sixteen cores, but also some processors that have been “secretly” renumbered with an old design. AMD also left video cards for laptops, but it’s likely that most laptops with a discrete video card will also have one from Nvidia in 2023. At CES, five RTX4000 Mobile Video Cards Shown, from the entry-level RTX4050 to the ultimate top model RTX4090. As in previous years, laptop GPUs promise to be nowhere near as powerful as desktop models. The number of computing cores on a GPU is much lower, as is the clock speed, in order to match the size of a laptop in terms of power consumption.

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The first laptops based on the new hardware are expected to be in stores as early as February. Basically, these will be devices with Intel processors and, possibly, an Nvidia video card. AMD-based laptops traditionally come out a little later, so that’s expected from the end of the first quarter. In any case, this BBG, for which we sent applications at the beginning of January, does not yet have laptops with the latest hardware. However, we did find a number of excellent devices that you could put to good use in the years to come. We will introduce them to you on the following pages.

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