Belgium in particular buys a lot of Dutch potatoes

Belgian buyers have so far bought more Dutch consumption potatoes than in previous years. From the 2022 harvest to November, more than 150,000 tonnes have already been exported to Belgium. This is 55,000 tonnes more than last year.

This is evident from the export figures for Dutch consumption potatoes from the 2022 harvest, which have been published. Dutch Potato Organization (NAO). Belgian processors seem to cover most of their raw material needs with Dutch products.

Overall, the export counter for the 2022 harvest for potato consumption stands at 325,000 tonnes as of December 1, nearly 60,000 tonnes more than last year. In Europe, larger exports to Belgium were offset by significantly lower export volumes to Germany, now at 20,500 tonnes compared to 41,500 tonnes last year. France is the second largest European buyer with 21,000 tonnes this year. It was nearly 15,000 tonnes last year.

9,500 for Trinidad and Tobago

For other continents, exports to Africa remained roughly the same, while exports to South and Central America increased slightly. Senegal is the largest buyer among African countries with 21,000 tonnes. Trinidad and Tobago bought the most Dutch potatoes in the US this season with 9,500 tonnes.

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