Belgian receives seven fines for speeding after one day trip to the coast: I will never go back | internal

Almost all section checks along the E40 are activated again. Philippe, from Weezy in Liege, experienced this firsthand after a day trip to the Belgian coast. His descent resulted in no less than seven fines, the value of which exceeded 500 euros.

At the end of last month, Philippe went out for a day on the Belgian coast. But on the way it was flashed seven times on the E40 motorway, twice on the way to the coast in Merelbeke and Sint-Denijs-Westerem (both in East Flanders) and later on the way back five more times in Beernem (West Flanders) and Aalter (between Bruges , Ghent), Drongen (near Ghent), Erpe-Mere (East Flanders) and Boutersem (not far from Leuven).

The seven fines cost him more than €500. “I will never go to the Belgian coast again,” said Philip.

Many automated partition checks have been disabled for a long time, in part due to software issues. They now seem to have almost all reactivated.

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