Beijing 2022 |  "I am participating in the competition!"  - Mr.  Turns out T is a big fan of American curling

Beijing 2022 | “I am participating in the competition!” – Mr. Turns out T is a big fan of American curling

Four years ago, John Schuster of America surprisingly won a gold medal in curling for Team USA for the first time in history. it was for mr. T is the perfect apotheosis to bring to the sport. He enthusiastically reported matches he’s seen on Twitter using the hashtag #curlingiscoolfool.

The actor proved that the flirtation was short-lived in the run-up to Beijing 2022. He stands proudly in a US team jacket emblazoned with ‘Curling is awesome’ in gold lettering. He closes his thread with a mockery of his iconic statement. “I am participating in the competition!”

Beijing 2022

Beijing 2022 | Brits get four points at the end after nice acquisitions

02/20/2022 at 04:51

wrong start

The Olympic curling tournament started a few days ago with my mixed pairs. The Americans didn’t get off to a great start with just one win out of their first three matches. It remains to be seen whether the Americans will be able to repeat their trick of four years ago.

hope it’s mr. T is as excited about curling as his USA team has failed to succeed, because the sport can use a passionate defender.

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Beijing 2022

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02/20/2022 at 04:42

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