Beijing 2022 |  Erin Jackson doesn't qualify for top 500m favorite for 'he' distance

Beijing 2022 | Erin Jackson doesn’t qualify for top 500m favorite for ‘he’ distance

But bad luck is just around the corner. The American lost his balance immediately after coming out of the first corner. She miraculously managed to take third place, but was awarded only two places. She was hoping to try another, but this is only allowed in the event an athlete falls. you did not.

“I screwed up, it’s all my fault,” Jackson recalled in an interview with USA Network. “You have to fall to get the restart. In the 500m, losing your balance is enough to get you out of the race. I probably should have given up on myself.”

It now appears that all of Erin Jackson’s hopes of participating in the Games have been dashed. Only a statement from Brittany Bowe or Kimmy Goetz can change that.

Beijing 2022

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We don’t have to think too far about a similar situation. Dai Dai N’tab was also a candidate for the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang four years ago. With two false starts in OKT, the Dutchman lost his chances of winning an Olympic medal.

Beijing 2022

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