Beijing 2022 |  An American just in time to race, but the sleds are left in Paris

Beijing 2022 | An American just in time to race, but the sleds are left in Paris

Dawson tested positive for Covid-19 some time ago and was told that after two negative test results he could still travel to participate in Beijing 2022. Once he had this information, that information turned out to be out of date. Meanwhile, not two, but four negative, tests were required to be allowed to leave quarantine, as they had to come from another lab.

race against the clock

As a result, the American was already missing at 5000 meters, but now he also threatens to miss 1500 meters. It was the start of a race against time from Salt Lake City to Beijing. He had to cover more than 15,000 kilometers in 31 hours, with time-consuming stops in both Atlanta and Paris.

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Finally, the skater landed in China just eight hours before the race, only to come to the agonizing conclusion that his bags hadn’t crossed. His sleds, hidden in a suitcase somewhere in Atlanta or Paris, made their rounds on a baggage claim rather than an ice strip.

no skiing

As a precaution, Dawson brought his most important items as a handbag, but not his ski boots. So he had to run his Olympic race on irons borrowed from someone hopefully the same size.

On the others’ skis, Dawson came on stage seven with a time of 1:49.45, good for 28th and second to last.

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