Beijing 2022 |  America takes gold on a mixed ice cross

Beijing 2022 | America takes gold on a mixed ice cross

Two Italian, American and Canadian teams qualified for the final. Each team consists of a man and a woman. The guys are the first to compete against each other and set the time. Then the time difference is determined at the starting gates, leaving the decision to the ladies. If the man is one second faster than the opponent, the fellow countryman’s gate opens exactly one second before the rest.

This lasted from the quarter-finals and eventually led to these four teams reaching the final. Italia 1 consisted of Omar Vicentine and Michela Mooli. The second Italian team was formed by Lorenzo Sumareva and Caterina Carpano. Canada started with duo Elliot Grundin and Merita Auden and America went on a golden fishing trip with veterans Lindsey Jacobless and Nick Baumgartner.

For Nick Baumgartner this was the last race of his career. The American ended his impressive career well, being the fastest of the four men to reach the finals. However, the difference with Italy 1 and Canada was negligible, so a throbbing final was imminent.

Beijing 2022

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Italy’s Moyoli immediately took the lead and it looked like Italy was on its way to gold for a moment. Lindsey Jacobless, who also took gold in the singles tournament, was able to make up for the deficit and managed to overtake the Italian shortly before the finish. Then Jacobless Moyoli kept behind and finally tackled her 40-year-old teammate Nick Baumgartner for that coveted Olympic gold in his last race.

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Beijing 2022

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Beijing 2022

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