BEAU talk show viewers are furious: "Isn't that just food?"

BEAU talk show viewers are furious: “Isn’t that just food?”

Dani Vera, Willic Alberti, Nick Simon, Directe, Gus Mewes, Krantjee Papi, Maan, Typhon, Thomas Acda, Paul de Monique, Miss Montreal and Ronnie Felix were all in attendance last night. “We’ll give a preview of a concert that probably won’t happen,” are the words with which presenter Beau opened the show. This lover refers to Amstel Live Friends, which is scheduled to take place on January 15, but is unlikely to take place due to the measures taken after tonight’s press conference.

“Everyone has been tested safely here. Everyone here is in a bubble,” Poe says emphatically at the start of the broadcast. Viewers were not satisfied with this statement, as it spread on Twitter. Angry reactions such as: ‘The BEAU bar is just open, the catering is shrinking’ and ‘I can’t watch it. Bars are closed and not many artists are allowed to sing. All there of course…’. People also wrote: ‘What will entrepreneurs think? in the catering business when they see it?” and “Can the bars be opened yet?”

Poe and his team may not have escaped that viewers are angry, because after the commercial break Poe explains more. ”just to make sure. I can imagine there are a lot of people sitting at home thinking: Oh my God, these people are so close to each other. They’re in a bubble and I’m in that bubble. We have all been tested and everyone is in good health. Viewers didn’t seem to have been surprised by this reaction. One wrote ‘I think it’s a sad reaction from Poe.’ Another wrote ‘What a crap.’

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We have requested a response from RTL and are still waiting.

Recently, Beau has also not been very popular with Linda de Mol. Watch all about it in the video below.

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