BBC compensates fired journalist for criticizing Diana interview |  Currently

BBC compensates fired journalist for criticizing Diana interview | Currently

The BBC will pay “substantial” damages to journalist Mark Kilic. He was fired after expressing concerns about the circumstances surrounding an interview with Princess Diana in 1995, reports say Watchman Tuesday.

Kilic had reported to his employer at the time about fake bank statements that were used to convince Diana to give an interview. He was fired, but the announcer ended last year after realizing he was right.

according to Watchman The broadcaster agreed on Tuesday to transfer a significant compensation to Killick, because he acted “absolutely correctly” at the time. The amount was not disclosed.

Kilic was the first to report the fraudulent bank statements to his employer at the time. He was fired within 24 hours of raising his concerns.

The fake copies had to prove the bribery

Last year, the BBC investigated how the conversation with Diana was arranged. The broadcaster concluded that fraudulent bank statements had indeed been used. These copies “proved” that members of the British court were bribed to obtain information about Diana and Prince Charles.

Partly because of seeing those fake documents, the princess would have dared to talk about her marital problems during the interview.

The interviewer, Martin Bashir, apologized after the outcome of the investigation. He said it was “stupid” that they forged documents.

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