BBC admits to mistakes in controversial interview with Princess Diana

BBC admits to mistakes in controversial interview with Princess Diana

The investigation of the interview began after years of insistence from Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer. He persuaded Diana to cooperate with the interview after Bashir showed him forged documents that he claimed showed that members of the royal family had leaked information about Diana to security forces and popular newspapers for a fee.

According to the investigation, Al-Bashir lied to his BBC editors about showing forged documents. Therefore, researchers described his behavior as “unreasonable, unreliable, and in some cases unfair”.

NOS reporter Tim de Wit at NPO Radio 1. The rumors of Diana’s misinformation have been around for a long time, so BBC manager Tim DeVy decided when he took office. Initialization. “Now that deception has finally surfaced, the BBC feels compelled to apologize.”

Bashir is still proud

Al-Bashir has also apologized for the falsification of information, but remains “extremely proud” of the interview. The show has been watched by 23 million people, making it one of the most watched TV clips in British history.

The well-known BBC journalist left this week due to health complaints. In March, British police announced that there was no reason for Bashir To sue.

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