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Battlefield 2042 can already be played for a limited group of players, and based on a large number of negative reviews, they are not happy with the game. Criticism focuses on all kinds of items; From leaving the system with categories, to sound and Playing with firearms.

Battlefield 2042 won’t be released until November 19, but players who have purchased the Gold or Ultimate Edition of the shooter or have an EA Play subscription will be able to play the game. employment This is a metacritic site It is mostly given very negative ratings by players on all platforms. In some cases, this deviates from the positive average that, for example, the PC version of the game gets from professional reviewers.

Players complained about the system with specialists, which developer DICE deviates from the system with four different classes of soldiers traditionally found in Battlefield games. Also, the lack of a stat page, the lack of a leaderboard and the lack of Devastation named. In terms of performance, bugs, mediocre animations, poor optimization, and unconvincing fps numbers were mentioned. They are also not satisfied with the balance between weapons, footage and sound quality. A broader complaint heard often is that the game no longer feels like Battlefield, due in part to the system with specialists, according to several players.

Some issues were also present in the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta, which occurred on October 8 and 9. Then there were really the necessary complaints, although DICE then indicated that the design used for the beta was already outdated at that time and that game development had already crossed that point. Some issues have been fixed from the beta version, such as slow animations, but players still cite some points, such as the sound. This includes, for example, the ability to assess the source of sounds from events in the immediate vicinity. It also mentions the lack of an in-game system for voice communication with team members.

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On Friday, players with early access can actually start with Battlefield 2042. That opening weekend also caused disappointment, aside from the objective reviews. Players complained about crashes and server issues, and for some, the game was barely playable for entire days. Eurogamer’s memoirs author Most of the issues were with the Xbox version of the game, so experiences may vary slightly between platforms.

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