Bastian Ragas on trip with son Sem: ‘I’ve been depressed for two months’

You have been away from this project for months. How did the girl feel?

“That’s what many people ask. Twos and I have been together for twenty years, so you can go a few months without each other. I love my wife very much, but we don’t always have to be on each other’s lips.

Two blonde men in South America, do you want to hit on women?

“We were too busy for that. It was really funny that a lot of people thought Shem and I were brothers.

Sam thought it was funny.

Laughing: “Yes, apparently I look too young or he looks too old. For the first time I thought: what a compliment. When we were told so often, I realized: They just don’t see it. Both are white, with identical faces. I find it hard to estimate the age of people in Asia or Africa. But I guess we can’t say that anymore, can we?”

What was the first thing you did when you got home??

“Well, I’ll put it nicely. I was very happy to see my wife again. That’s for good listeners. For others, I saw my children. Glad to be home again. In the morning, walk straight from the bedroom to the coffee machine, then look outside. I came back very happy.

Gone is the fear of a boring life?

“Yes, I am very happy now.” Then Laughter: Because of that terrible trip, thanks RTL!

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